A collection of the world’s most renowned architects, designers and engineers have been brought together to originate ONE. They share an affinity for the exceptional, the unique and the genuine.

The many perspectives that have combined to realise a building of such unrivalled quality are evident in its striking aesthetic, its performance and its breathtaking elegance within the Limassol skyline.



Since 1977, Pafilia has dedicated its creative energy to delivering exemplary residences on its home island of Cyprus. Pafilia boasts both an impressive track record and a bright future.

As the largest private residential developer in Cyprus, Pafilia’s integrity is well established. Each development is born out of an understanding of the emotional and practical needs of its residents; human touches for human comfort and outstanding experiences to satisfy human desire.

Careful planning, intelligent innovation and uncompromising pursuit of quality set Pafilia apart. Prime locations, design and build excellence and exceptional residential services are all devoted to creating the ultimate lifestyle context as well as architectural jewels in Cyprus’ crown.



Atkins is a name that reverberates throughout the worlds of masterplanning, architecture, landscape and engineering. It is one of the world’s largest consultancies, with distinctive public, private, urban and nature projects in its enviable portfolio, including Dubai’s Burj Al Arab.

A blend of imagination, pragmatism and holisticism defines Atkins’ approach but, as with ONE, there is no singular element that defines their output. Every solution is a unique response to a lucid vision.

The Atkins team has delivered a concept and a standard that positions ONE as Cyprus’ finest residential experience.

© 1994 – 1999. The image of the Burj Al Arab® is reproduced under licence from Jumeirah International LLC.



WKK have taken Atkins’ concept forward with peerless design detailing and thoughtful specifications. Their supervision of the entire project ensures that ONE is the purest manifestation of luxury.

Tom Wright, Hakim Khennouchi and Geku Kuruvilla George established WKK in London after working together at Atkins for many years. They are bound by their passion for meaningful design and a belief that, as a creative, one must always experiment, learn and grow.



The interior design team responsible for the superlative style of ONE is HBA.

Since 1965, HBA has captured and artfully interpreted the essence of the discerning individual’s expectations and preferences. Today, some of the world’s most luxurious and intriguing hotels, residences and spas feature proudly in HBA’s portfolio

The distinctive promise of ONE – to offer residents beautiful and meticulously planned space that combines the best of home and hotel – has been brought to vivid life by HBA.



Engineering consultancy BuroHappold has dedicated its best minds to developing ONE as a living, breathing part of Limassol.

For 40 years, BuroHappold has created living strategies that bridge the gap between science and society. Technical expertise is complemented by innovation, a holistic approach to planning and a passion for the future of the planet.

Their wealth of experience translates into stunning buildings that reverberate within their environment and deliver long-term value. In ONE, BuroHappold’s ability to realise cutting-edge yet integrated engineering solutions is showcased perfectly.

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